Tuesday Truth

tuesday truth

Well, today’s primary Tuesday Truths are all about sickness and hospitals.

First, it sucks to be sick.  I have some thing going on with my throat that has caused laryngitis and coughing and just misery in general.  Coughing makes me tired and relatively sleepless and laryngitis makes it difficult to teach and talk on the phone or talk to people in your house.  Basically, anything.  So, yeah – that’s where that’s at.  Hopefully my voice will soon return to full strength and this cough takes a hike.

Second, hospitals are exhausting.  I spent all day yesterday in the hospital for my DD’s annual heart biopsy.  She did relatively well, but it is still a long, long day.  We arrived at 7:30 a.m. and didn’t leave until 3:30 p.m. and in between we dealt with pre-op upset, post-op upset and just general frustration on hers and our part.  Trying to keep a six year old laying completely flat for four hours is a bit ridiculous if you ask me, but it is what they want us to do to keep her from bleeding at the access sites.  And she gets super frustrated and we get super frustrated and at some point, I just kind of give up and hope for the best.  Everything went okay.  The sites look fine today.  So, I think we did a good enough job.  Her rejection level was 1A which is a bit of a disappointment after the last few zeroes, but the NP says that is basically the same as a zero (which is obviously not true or they wouldn’t have a zero and a 1A), but we’ll take it.  It means no steroid treatment or change in meds.  So, we’re good.  Everything else looked good as well.  So, hopefully another year before we have to go through that again.

Third, having a sick, aging parent on hospice sucks.  My mom was here all weekend and she was considerably weaker than the prior weekend (just four days later).  And since she went home on Sunday she has gotten progressively worse.  Yesterday she didn’t really get out of bed.  My sister went down there today and says she is not making a lot of sense and seems very disoriented.  She is weak and now they want to get her a hospital bed.  Her caregiver seems to be a little low on the caregiving department since she says she can’t help her get into bed, which I was able to do this weekend.  So, now we may have to look for someone else OR we just need to convince my mom to go into assisted living, which she will hate, but which will probably be good for her.  I’m exhausted after taking care of her the last two weekends not because of having to help her move around, but more because of her emotional state.  I was also getting sick, so I didn’t feel good this weekend, and I think it all caught up to me this week.  Hence, my loss of voice.

So, that’s it – my Tuesday Truths.  Not much positive here, I know.  Its been a rough weekend.  And it has continued into the week.  But, I’m hoping things start to look up.  Maybe my voice will come back, hopefully this weekend will be without a hospital visit AND my mom will get what she needs and be more comfortable.  And, I hope to get some sleep.  And, get some grading done.  And, finish cleaning/organizing my house.  And, go to the fair.  And, read some books.  And, just R-E-L-A-X.  Yeah, right.  What about you?  What’s your Tuesday Truth?

Six Word Saturday

Quality or quantity of life – choice?

My mom is with us again this weekend.  She is having a much worse weekend than last weekend, and that makes things hard.  Both hers and my dad’s older age have not been much in the area of quality and it makes me wonder.  If we had a choice or if there IS a choice.  I mean, I realize that my mom’s cancer wasn’t a choice.  But, her pursuing treatment after treatment over the years, even with very little promise of positive outcome was her choice.  And she did it.  She suffered horrible side effects, painful surgeries, loss of body parts…more than once.  And so she is here with us, but at what cost?

My dad hung on for quite a while through his dementia.  He would NOT have wanted to live the last year of his life the way he did.  He probably would have chosen to end it earlier than that, given a choice.  But, he was not.

There is now a bill moving through the California legislature providing for legal assisted suicide.  I support it.  I think that in our society, we focus too much on quantity of life and not enough on quality of life.  That is true always, not just for those with terminal illness, but it is especially true for those with terminal illness.

No one know the amount of pain and suffering that one will have to go through to make it to the end, but although I support the legislation, I also don’t know if I could ever make that choice for myself.  With my mom, there have been good intervening years that she may have missed given some of her early prognosis.  So, who knows what will happen?  Medical advances are being made all the time.  But, I do think that for older individuals who are satisfied with their lives and are given a prognosis of pain and suffering, whether long or short, this option is a good one to have available.


Five Minute Friday – Follow


Participating in another Five Minute Friday this week over at Kate Montaung.  Join in if you’d like.  This week’s prompt is “follow”.

Follow – the word has taken on a whole new meaning in the world of Facebook!  But, following is something I often do.  I am a follower on social media.  I like to support people and following is a way of supporting them.  This is true in real life as well.  A follower is someone who shows up when you ask them to.  They are someone who knows your story and “follows” along, offering help or congratulations or celebratory messages when appropriate.  I have friends I don’t follow – and I’m often shocked by what has happened in their lives because it seems to come out of the blue.  But, in reality, if I were really “following” them, I would know why it happened.

Following in the real world gets a bad name sometimes.  We speak of leaders always.  But, leaders don’t exist without followers.  And sometimes the followers are really the power in the relationship, because without them, the leader would have no one to lead and therefore would not exist as a leader.  Some leaders get this, but others don’t really respect their followers as being powerful members in a relationship.  It is important to remember this for all leaders.  It is also important for followers to remember that they have power and choice.  They do not need to blindly follow, but should follow based on principle and relationship and respect.  Too many followers follow without question, without critical thinking and without really knowing where its going to get them.

Finally, following requires some dedication and commitment.  If we “follow” a sports team, than we know what is going on with them.  Perhaps we need to start investing that same energy into “following” our friends and family.

Time’s up!

That’s it – today’s Five Minute Friday post.  Check out some others over at the Five Minute Friday Linkup!

Stray Thoughts Sunday

Stray Thought Sundays

My first stray thought for this Sunday is…puppies are exhausting.  Just plain exhausting.  And so are six year olds.  So, the combo of a six year old and a puppy is over the top.  This time of night is really the only time there is relative quiet in our house.  And I’m taking advantage of it, even if it does mean staying up later than I probably should.

I love Fat Mum Slim If you’ve spent much time on social media you’ve probably seen some of her follower’s pictures of the day posts.  I feel like if we didn’t live a world apart, we may be friends.  And this post is one of those that makes me think we would see eye to eye on a lot of things:  The Real Reality  Motherhood is messy.  And its okay.

This skort seems both ridiculous and totally ingenious.  I know that I hate not having pockets in my clothing, but I’m not sure I want to have to hike up my skirt to get to them.  I also can’t imagine paying $79 for a skort…even with a hidden pocket.  Unless that hidden pocket comes with hidden treasure.

This status happened for me on Facebook:

Diagnosis Murder just had the line, “This isn’t a drawing room and you’re not Jessica Fletcher, so what’s keeping you from shooting him.” Best line EVER! smile emoticon And yes, I’m watching Diagnosis Murder…


Six Word Saturday – Need to Purge

Purge Organizing

I have the urge to purge.

Looking around my house, I have the urge to get rid of everything.  Literally everything.  Just start over.  I’m so over all the stuff.  And so much of it has zero purpose or necessity and I keep moving it around from one place to another.  Storing it.  Displaying it.  Hiding it.  Piling it.  Filing it.  I am DONE. WITH. IT.  So, this is going to be my summer of purge.

I’m going to use this Silver Lining Organization chart and their 52 Week Organizing Challenge which should have started in January, but with a summer off from work, I should be able to play a bit of catch up and I’m going to work my way through the house and purge, purge, purge.  Then I want to look at redecorating to make it look nicer and more inviting and cleaner (not just decluttered, but actually cleaner).

We’ll see if it comes to fruition.  But, that is what I’m feeling on THIS Saturday.

 This was part of Six Word Saturday over at Show My Face!

World Ovarian Cancer Day


Today, I’m doing double duty and posting to spread awareness of ovarian cancer and honor my mom since it is Mother’s Day weekend.  My mom has suffered several bouts of cancer and is currently in hospice because after her eighth or ninth round of chemo, it stopped working on her tumors.  She did a round of radiation, which slowed the progression and has now chosen to let it take its course rather than torture her body with more “treatments”.  But, one of the cancers she got that was particularly bad and probably was the source of some of her current problems, was ovarian cancer.  She didn’t catch it until it had progressed quite a bit and this was after being a 15 year survivor of breast cancer (so it was not being watched, but it is just that insidious).  My mom was lucky as ovarian cancer has the lowest survival rate of all gynecological cancers.

I encourage everyone who is a woman or has a woman in their lives to learn the symptoms of ovarian cancer (which can often be dismissed as something less serious), the risk factors, and how to be an advocate for yourself in the case that you think you or someone you know are at risk.

It isn’t what anyone wants to deal with, but catching these things early on and knowing the realities and options available is important.  So, educate yourselves and spread the word on May 8 – World Ovarian Cancer Day!